Bob Goff

Bob is the Chief of Fun & Whimsy around here! He's a New York Times Best-Selling Author of Love Does and Everybody Always, as well the founder of Love Does, a nonprofit human rights organization operating in Uganda, India, Iraq, Nepal, Afghanistan and Somalia. Bob is a sought after speaker for conferences, churches, and universities, inspiring current and future influencers.



Dae Eriksson

Dae has been here since the beginning! She is CEO of Bob Ink. and has been working with Bob for almost a decade. She has amazing vision and a dedication to making everything that we do a success! In addition to her role here, she is also the Executive Director of Love Does, and often you can find her traveling all over the world working on projects in Uganda, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, or other adventurous places!



Becky Goodnight

Becky is in charge of running Bob's calendar, booking all the events he speaks at, as well as coordinating interviews and managing Bob's nutty travel schedule! Becky now works remote from her ohana on the hillside of Diamond Head on Oahu! You can find Becky and her husband hiking, paddling, cooking or dreaming of their next perfect cup of coffee.



Jody Luke

Jody is Bob’s accountant and has been with him for about 9 years. She oversees the financial operations of the business in order to help it run efficiently! Jody's helpful and positive attitude are just a few of the things that make her so wonderful. When she’s not in the office you can find her attending her children's sports games or traveling with her husband!


Tatave Abeshyan

Tatave has been a part of the team since 2016. She is head of Dream Big marketing as well as all communications through Bob Ink. You can find Tatave taking beautiful photos around the city of coffee shops and dogs. She also is an avid dog sitter, so if you’re looking for one, don’t hesitate to reach out!



Haley King

Haley joined the Bob Ink team in 2017. She is Bob's "go to” for projects and turning his whimsical ideas into reality. She also produces the Dream Big Podcast. Haley loves traveling with her husband, cooking for friends & spending time with family in Canada & New Zealand!